TELEPHONE: (805) 882-2400
FAX: (805) 882-2422

NEW CLIENTS: If you would like to schedule a meeting with a therapist and are not already seeing one at FTI, please call (805) 882-2400 x 115. Leave a message and a therapist will Contact you as quickly as possible to find the clinician most suited to your needs.

PLANNING ON USING INSURANCE? The benefits for therapy are usually different than your typical medical coverage. Prior to attempting to make an appointment with a therapist, contact your insurance company and obtain the following information found here to expedite the process.



Debra Manchester, LCSW, Executive Director ext. 101

Don MacMannis, Ph.D., Psychologist, Clinical Director              ext. 102

Debbie Allen, LCSW, DCSW ext. 103

Michael Dunn, MFT ext. 106

Katie Karas, MFT ext. 306

Richard Kravetz, MFT ext. 105

Michael Madden, MFT ext. 107

William Peters, MFT ext. 110

Beth Weinberg, MFT ext. 304

Deborah Harkin, MFT ext. 307

– Thery Jenkins, MFT ext. 303

Kelly Hyatt, MFT Intern ext. 308

Charletta Erb, MFT Intern ext. 301

Stuart Light, MFT Independent Consultant ext. 302  

– Nancy Villalobos, Administrator ext. 111

– Front Desk ext. 100

PARKING: We have 8 spaces available on a first come first serve basis. There is also all day parking in front of the Institute except for posted street sweeping hours.

Los Olivos Office: FTI has a second office in Los Olivos. Our therapists Michael Dunn, MFT and Katie Karas, MFT primarily staff this office. If this location is more convenient for you, you may want to consider contacting one of these therapists at their extension.

  • 805-882-2400